Doctober 14: Random Bevernalia

One of the magnificent things about being a lifelong Dr. Crusher fan is the fact that people have often felt compelled to purchase anything pertaining to the good doctor for me. These items are such a rare find, I suppose, that people (even non-Trekkies) get excited for me that finally there’s something Crusherific to be added to my collection!

Here, then, are a few of the random bits of Bevernalia that I have received as presents or purchased for myself, that I found whilst sorting through one of my geek bins (yes, I did say one of them):

What I love most about this collection is that looking at these items, you’d think that only two publicity photos were ever taken of Gates McFadden as Dr. Crusher (minus the Generations pin and the Dixon Hill card). Probably the oddest item here is the “security badge,” which is in between the two postcards. Really? They’d have security badges on lanyards in the future? Okay. And the Generations pin stuck in the lanyard was a gift from a high school friend who actually hated Star Trek, but gave this to me after I jokingly asked her where my graduation present was.

Oh, and the signed card? I was one of those geeks. I actually mailed this card to McFadden and asked if she would please sign it for me. In my defense, I only did this with four trading cards: Dr. Crusher, Data, Captain Picard, and Ro Laren. I received three of the four back. Guess the fourth got lost on its journey to Bajor… (grumble grumble, rhubarb rhubarb, peas and carrots)

Very few people, I think, knew that Playmates released a medical tricorder in addition to the standard one. I own both, but really, I only bought the regular tricorder because I didn’t think they’d actually release one like Dr. Crusher used. They’re both quite cool when all lit up and running their sounds. Playmates did a lot for the Trek geek on a budget, releasing pretty impressive replicas for reasonable prices.

Then there’s this medical tricorder:

Looks a bit odd, eh? That’s because it does this:

Isn’t that one of the greatest things EVAR? It’s a medical tricorder that transforms into Dr. Crusher’s sickbay, complete with little figures of Dr. Crusher, Geordi, and Captain Picard as Locutus of Borg.

Look at how cute Tiny Beverly is!

So, there you go. Random Bevernalia on a dark, rainy (at least in DC) Doctober day.