Doctober 13: Copper Penny Bev

I had something completely different (and admittedly less creative) planned, but then I realized that today was Doctober 13! Admittedly not as special as it could have been had today been Friday, but still it is that date that most distresses triskaidekaphobics (triskaidekaphobians?).

So I started thinking of ways to make the day a little more palatable for those who fear unlucky, and I decided what better way than to give you this, the luckiest penny in the galaxy! Originally issued by the United Federation of Planets in 2379, this is a one-of-a-kind Dr. Beverly Crusher copper penny (do you have any idea how rare a material copper is in 2379?).

Of course, it has no actual monetary value, since the UFP runs on a rather questionable credit system that has never really been explained. But think of the collector factor of this piece!! Not even Kivas Fajo had one of these in his collection!

I’m telling you, even if you’re a Red Shirt, you carry one of these around in your uniform pocket and you’re guaranteed to make it home, every away mission.