Doctober 15: Petulance

Poor Dr. Crusher. All she wants is the chance to sit next to Captain Picard during a staff meeting. Maybe then, she’d finally get to flirt a little…wink every now and then, maybe even play a little footsie. But that damned Riker always beats her to the conference lounge! It’d be easy if she got to sit on the bridge like every other member of the senior staff (minus Geordi, of course).

[Loba Tangent: Hey, waitatick! Why is it that the two crewmembers who were assigned to places other than the bridge are the two who were the least developed on the show? I call occupational discrimination!!]

Regardless of what’s really going on in this scene, I’d call this is one of the greatest screen captures EVAR. I’d also call it the greatest pout moment in the history of Star Trek.