BookBin2013: Locke & Key 2–4

I can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since Joe Hill welcomed me to Lovecraft. More than a year since I first encountered the Locke family as they began their long emotional journey back from the brutal home invasion in their San Francisco home that left their father murdered and their mother broken in many ways.

It’s been too long. It’s time to catch up on old times, denizens.


That’s right, I recently succumbed to my need to enter a library and binge on whatever I could find of interest…and part of what I found were the next three graphic novels from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key series: Volume 2: Head Games; Volume 3: Crown of Shadows; and Volume 4: Keys to the Kingdom.

More revelations about the truth behind Rendell Locke’s murder as well as his life in Lovecraft. More keys. More secrets. More discoveries. More darkness.

This is a seriously dark story. I would expect nothing less from Hill—not because he is Stephen King’s son but because he has proven himself to be an incredibly capable storyteller in his own deliciously demented ways. I have to confess, denizens, I am quite in love with Hill’s works. So in love that as soon as I finished these graphic novels, I put myself on a waiting list for his newest book, NOS4A2, as well as the next Locke & Key novel, Clockworks, even though it hasn’t even arrived yet in our library system’s collection (never mind that I’m already third in line on that list!).

Combine Hill’s skills with Rodriquez’s absolutely stunning artwork and add in a dash of connection between these two talents that works in the most wonderful ways and what you have is a story world that pulls you within its gloriously sinister landscape and refuses to let you go. More importantly, you won’t want it to let you go. For all the fear and horror transpiring around you, you’ll want to stay. And when you reach the last page of the fourth book, the true terror will hit you when you realize that now you have to wait for the next reveal.

Oh, the humanity!

For full disclosure, if you don’t like horror or if you don’t like graphic or grotesque artwork, you won’t like the quaint deathtrap town of Lovecraft or any of its demonic delights. Rodriguez unleashes a phantasmagoria of sinister visuals upon you with his art. But it is absolutely beautiful in its abhorrence.

Final Verdict: I am, 100-percent without-a-doubt, going to purchase these novels for my collection. However, I’m going to wait until the entire series is out before I do. Perhaps IDW Publishing will package them all together in one set. Whatever way they market these books, I don’t care. They will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.