BookBin2013: Lucille


You might just want to skip this review, denizens, because I’m going to let you know right now: It’s going to be short and unsatisfying.

And, yes, that’s what she said. [ba-dum-tssh]

Ludovic Debeurme’s rather large graphic novel Lucille (I do believe it’s slightly more than 500 pages) is the story of two troubled teenagers—Lucille, who is slowly killing herself from anorexia, and Arthur, who has a rather severe but undiagnosed case of OCD—and their journey into saving each other through the power of love. Until everything pretty much goes, as the British so eloquently put it, “tits up.” I do believe, however, that Debeurme is planning at least one sequel, so perhaps he will fix that in the next one. I don’t really plan on reading the sequel so I guess I’ll never know.

I read all the reviews about how this is a moving, touching, sentimental, beautiful story of love and redemption and the difficulties of adolescence. Meh. I must be more dead inside than I thought, because I found it rather trite and predictable and not really all that deep or complex. It’s not terrible, but it simply didn’t reach me in ways that it obviously has reached others.

Final Verdict: If it hadn’t been so easy to zip through, I probably wouldn’t have finished this book. Back to the library.