Doctober 27: The Springtime of Her Voodoo

I can’t sing the praises of enough. Especially their Rare Photos section, which delights me to no end, no matter how many times I peruse the archives. There are so many photos that make me wish I could have been privy to what was transpiring just outside the confines of that moment forever frozen in time.

There are several candid shots of the TNG crew from the first season that I find particularly mesmerizing. Images like these two, in which something is going on right off-camera that has obviously utterly delighted Dr. Crusher and Commander Riker:

(Also, just a guess here, but I bet Frakes went home with a bruise from Gates belting him in that second shot.)

Or this one, with Data in a cardigan (“Will you not be my neighbor?”)

Or this odd publicity shot of the lovely ladies of TNG:

Okay, let’s try this one again. Bev, take off the lab coat. And, Tasha, put your leg down.

No, still not right. Too red. And, Deanna, stop slouching!

Now that’s much better. This was actually the final shot they used as a publicity photo. Do you remember the captain’s chair with wood on the instrumentation panels? Neither do I. I also don’t remember Dr. Crusher’s lab coat ever looking quite so…crushed velvety.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today, denizens. Well, except for this screen capture, which didn’t come from TrekCore, but still delights me. Why? Because these are my three favorite TNG characters.