Doctober 25: Dr. Dressy

This is a quick one today, denizens, due to insanity well out of my control. However, I had a few easy posts planned, just in case something like this occurred. She’s a planner, that wily Loba.

I’ve previously ragged on the TNG episode “Sub Rosa” for being some of the most cliched and smutty Trek ever. However, one great thing came from this episode, and that is finally getting to see Dr. Crusher in a dress uniform. Actually, I do believe that this was also the first time we saw Counselor Troi in a dress uniform as well…but this isn’t Troitober, so we don’t care about this bit of trivia, now do we?


Here, then, is a lovely screen capture of Dr. Crusher in her dress blues:

And, because I also very much enjoyed the dress uniforms designed for the TNG crew for their movies, here is Dr. Crusher in her dress whites:

AND…because I love you all so much and because I think it’s a fantastic candid shot, here is a re-post of a photo I found on of Gates McFadden, in her Dr. Crusher dress whites, hugging one of the most awesome people on this planet: Trek make-up artist extraordinaire Michael Westmore: