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Kate Mulgrew will cut you.

Okay, that’s not true. Maybe. Possibly. She’s played characters who would cut you, though. Or place a used tampon in your English muffin if you insult her cooking (and, yes, I see what she did there). Or fire you out of the torpedo tube if you get in the way of her first (or any) cup of coffee. She’s made a career of playing tough women who know that the show goes on with or without you, so you best be ready to keep playing your role. After reading Mulgrew’s memoir Born with Teeth, I definitely believe that she takes on roles like these because she’s made of the same mettle (and metal) as every single one of her most memorable characters. You think Captain Janeway was tough? You don’t want to get on Red’s bad side?

Wait ’til you meet Kate.

Seriously, though, Mulgrew possesses an enviable dedication to enduring, both professionally and personally. She has experienced a full range of successes and failures that have chiseled her into a person of many gorgeous facets. She also delivers a memoir stripped to its essence. Mulgrew is not flowery or discursive. She remains on point and sharply honest. I got the impression that there were gaps in her timeline, not because she had forgotten those things or even that she wanted to paint over them. Rather, she isn’t ready to speak of them with the level of honesty she wanted for this book. And it does come across as honest. And I honestly love that.

Final Verdict: Since I’ve already mentioned this book in my review of the recent Sally Ride biography I read, it’s a safe bet that I’m keeping this book. I did pre-order it the day it released on Amazon. I adore Kate Mulgrew, even more now that I have read her memoir. If you are a fan, then I can happily recommend this book to you. I believe you will be pleased.

2 thoughts on “BookBin2015: Born with Teeth

  1. If you haven’t already heard this wonderful interview, with the goddess that is Diane Rehm, then you may just have to carve out some time in your schedule and have a listen –

    I’ve had it on my playlist since it’s air date and only just got round to listening last night and this morning. I don’t have much of a history with Ms. Mulgrew having only watched some Voyager and OITNB but listening to her voice had me hypnotized. So much so that I have now purchased this book via Audible and can’t wait to be swept away by what sounds like an amazing life story.

    1. I love that interview with Diane Rehm! I think that Kate Mulgrew is brilliant in her flaws and in her acceptance of those flaws and her sometimes poorly made decisions. All humor aside, she’s had an extraordinary life thus far, surviving through sometimes just sheer will power. Not to say that she hasn’t led a charmed life because of her status as an actress, but there was clearly a drive within her to get her to the heights she continues to reach.

      And clearly I am a biased reviewer 😉

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