BookBin2014: The Complete Peanuts 1975-1976


This is going to be a very quick review, denizens. Apparently, that’s all I have time for these days. Really, though, there’s not a whole lot to say about this read. While wandering through parts of the library I’d never been in before (read: the kids’ section), I stumbled across a small collection of some of the books from the Complete Peanuts comic collection that has been slowly hitting the shelves.

I really want all these books, and I don’t know why I haven’t been buying them as they come out. I even went so far as to add them to my wish list, to remind me to buy them. And yet, I have not. I love the Peanuts. I used to save all the Sunday comics when I was a kid. By then, of course, the strip had lost most of its bite, which made them perfect for young readers but, I realize now, must have been quite disappointing for readers who loved the edginess of the early strips.

Apparently, the edge was dulling even in the mid-1970s. Lots of focus on Snoopy, including what I guess was Spike’s first big foray into the comic strips. I remember Spike was a strip stalwart in the 80s, so I found it interesting to see his official big-scale arrival. I also got a little bit of a kick seeing the comic strip that originally ran the day I was born. Because, really, who doesn’t love a shot of narcissism with their Peanuts?

This wasn’t a bad collection to thumb through on a snowy Sunday, but it did rekindle one of my primary concerns with this collection, and what I think is ultimately causing my hesitation: At what point do I stop buying the books? We all know that I have a slight bit of OCD. It was difficult enough for me to stop buying X-Files seasons (hell, I’m still vacillating on that decision!). Can I handle not having the entire collection? What if I miss something really good because I drew the line too soon? Should I draw the line? Or do I just buy them all and deal with the fact that later books won’t be nearly as good as the earlier stuff?

This. This is what I deal with all the time, denizens. Be thankful I filter. Most of the time.

Final Verdict: I really do need to start collecting these books. When does that tax return come in?