Flashback Friday: Mr. Gameshow


Welcome to a slice of my adolescent nightmare, denizens. This is Mr. Gameshow. Granted, it’s a really twisted PhotoShop take on Mr. Gameshow. Here, have a look at an untouched photo of him:


Not much better, right? I didn’t really think so either. I don’t have any stories about Mr. Gameshow (aka “Gus Glitz”). I’m sure most people don’t even remember him. Galoob probably lost a huge amount of money on this dud of an electronic doozy. He might have been sold for a year at most before being pulled from the market. I’ve never met anyone who even remembered this toy, let alone knew someone who owned one. I never played any of the games and I’m not even sure why I wanted him in the first place. Probably a symptom of all the horror movies that I watched as a kid. Who knows.

Amazingly, my Mr. Gameshow still works, even after sitting in hot attics for years. I recently found all his components and set him up (the damn thing takes four AA batteries and four C batteries!), just to see if there was any damage. Took a little while to get him fired up and working properly (all the little belts inside him had stuck in place, so it took a bit of gentle jiggling to get him back into fighting shape), but after a while, he was swinging his arms and clacking his massive jaw, just like old times. I didn’t take any video of my toy, but you can get the general idea from this clip:


I know. You’re all shocked that Mr. Gameshow wasn’t more popular. I’m sure Energizer and Duracell were rooting for him (eight batteries!!). I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with good ole Gus Glitz. Of course, if I ever decide to put on that Halloween extravaganza, I’m thinking he would make a great centerpiece, don’t you?