Photo Fun Friday: Easy Riker

I cannot take full credit for this idea. The original concept was brought to my attention by my most devilish ImagiFriendTM via a doctored image he found that was funny in concept but so visually awful it burned me to my PhotoShop-loving core. I said that I wanted to fix the poster.

So I did.

I decided to use beardless Riker, because I kind of think Q was right: He was more fun before the beard. He had a boyish charm and impulsiveness that I feel better matches the Easy Rider spirit (plus, this was just a great screen capture of early Commander Riker that I couldn’t resist using it).

I also added a new riding companion for “Easy Riker.” I thought about adding Deanna, just for the LOL factor, but I decided that the idea of Worf on a motorcycle amused me even more.

“I must protest! I am NOT a toking hippie!”