Flashback Friday: “Ich bin Dein Gummibär”

You know, I had a completely different Flashback Friday planned for today…and then it happened. While sitting in a client meeting today, a tune popped into my head. One of those infective infernal tunes that you can’t stop, can’t turn down, can’t change. It just plays in the background on continuous loop, worse than what you imagine the muzak in Hell’s elevator must be like.

Ask Angel. He would know.


I don’t even know what prompted the sudden uprising of this tune. I hadn’t thought of it for many months. Hell, I haven’t even had any gummy bears recently to remind me of its existence! But there it was, playing in the back of my brain while I sat, trying to pitch ideas to a roomful of clients in as professional manner as possible…while listening to a green gummy bear in yellow skivvies and shaking his gummy tuchus sing this song. Loudly. In my head.

And, yes, he was singing the German version:


Yes, denizens, it was an exciting Friday, indeed, for Loba. I suspect gummy nightmares are in my imminent future…