Photo Fun Friday: The Troi Legacy

Yes, I’ve taken another pass on Flashback Friday. I wasn’t intending on doing another PhotoShop Trickery so soon here at the lair. Then, this idea hit me on Tuesday evening. I blame it on all the Tilex fumes I was inhaling at the time:

While not as original or intricate as my CYBORG poster from last week, this still delights me in the most wonderfully nerdy ways. Now, I know that it’s all a bit anachronistic, with the DS9-era runabout and the delta shield from the recent movie being used alongside Deanna Troi. But, hey, if JJ Abrams cares so little for continuity or things that make sense in the Trek universe, why should I? (Yeah, if you haven’t gotten this yet, I really hated that new Trek movie).

Anyway. Random Geek RageTM moment aside, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed designing it. I especially enjoyed being able to tie it all back to that famous litany that always applied to the indomitable Lwaxana Troi. Regardless of the fact that Deanna didn’t think very highly of her obviously royal Betazoid lineage, even once dismissing the Sacred Chalice of Rixx as nothing more than “an old clay pot with mold growing inside it,” this was still her legacy. One day, she would become the Daughter of the Fifth House.

Sounds very ninja, doesn’t it? Maybe this could be all about Deanna finally learning the truth of what this title really means, how her family is one of the defenders of Betazed’s greatest treasures and darkest secrets. And now it is time for her to step into the place of her now gone mother (sorry, Lwaxana) and prove to her people that she has the skills and abilities it will take to defend and uphold the duties of the Fifth House (and finally clean the mold out of that sacred chalice).

Okay, that’s just a tasty bit of awesome right there, isn’t it? I’m envisioning this with lots of martial arts fighting, lots of high-speed chases, and lots of smexy CGI. And Mr. Homm.

Who wants in?