Everyone Needs an Editor: Capital Hill

This is a common enough mistake everywhere, I’m sure, but it’s particularly jarring in this context. For the record, whenever referring to the building where capital-level legislating takes place, it’s always “capitol” with an “O.” This is true whether it’s a national or state-level capitol (although it’s capitalized when referring to the nation’s Capitol).

The city wherein these capitol buildings reside and these capital ideas transpire is the “capital” with an “A.”

Confused? Don’t be. Just remember that the building is the capitol. The city is the capital.

Why is this matchbox even more jarring for its grammatical faux pas? It’s a D.C.-based restaurant advertising one of its locations near Capitol Hill. Seriously, of all the places where you kinda sorta want to make sure you get this right, Capitol Hill is definitely at the top of the list. We’re called wonks for a reason…