Poster Picks: Devil

Today’s pick is for 2010’s Devil. If I’m not mistaken, this is also the newest poster to make it to the Poster Picks Pantheon.


The design starts with the movie tagline: “Five Strangers Trapped. One of Them is Not What They Seem.”

I love two things about the appearance of this tagline. First, is the font: a sharp, clean squared sans serif. It has a modern feel to it without being in your face about being new and hip and with it. Secondly, I love the use of bold on the second part of the tagline. Yes, it’s a bit leading, but aesthetically, it just looks appealing.

I love the claustrophobic feel of the tagline’s sentiment. From a personal viewpoint, I can’t imagine much else more uncomfortable than being trapped anywhere with four people I don’t know. Honestly? I don’t even know I’d want to be in such a situation with four people I know very well. Add to this the “not what they seem” variable, and you’re already building a scenario destined to leave me with a humongous NO feeling.

Then comes the primary graphic element of the design: an elevator entrance, bright silver against a dark wall.This gives off an eye-catching chiaroscuro effect that is amped up even further by an unnerving fiery light seeping through the closed doors.

First, though, check the floor number: 6. Say that three times fast, right? Also, notice how the “Down” button is marked black with a red arrow in the center. Nice delineation regarding which direction this elevator is heading.

Now, back to the fiery light coming from between the elevator doors. I’m going to have to say, this is not the kind of light I’d want to see coming from anywhere, but especially not from a space the size of an elevator, where four other people are stuck with me.

Even better though? The light from between the doors connects with the light coming from under the doors and then connects with the reflection against the onyx shine of the floor just enough to give a very identifiable image of an upside down cross. Even those who don’t know or believe the tenets of Christianity understand the meaning of an inverted cross and the implications of the appearance of such an image.

Also, taking into consideration this imagery, think back to the tagline: “One of Them Is Not What They Seem.”

The Devil, you say?

Speaking of the Devil, finally, here comes the movie title. It’s typed out in another sans serif font, this time less squared, narrower, and kerned beautifully.

I love how the vertical support of the cross lines up, with the top aligned with the elevator number and the bottom lined up with the center of the “V” in Devil. The symmetry of this design is absolutely sinister.

Of course, the most frightening aspect of the design comes now: “From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.”

Has a more chilling statement ever been written? Don’t believe me? Just think about The Happening.