BookBin2015: Lost Souls


Last year, I read Seth Patrick’s brilliant novel Reviver and loved it. The only thing that I apparently had any problem with was the fact that Patrick had left the ending wide-open for a sequel, which was already in the works. The sequel was titled at the time Acolyte.

Turns out that title didn’t stick. At some point along the way, it changed to Lost Souls, and became the second of what is now dubbed the Reviver Trilogy. I actually liked the first novel enough that when I learned this one was coming to our library, I put myself on the wait list to read it. The moment I got my hands on it, I jumped right in and began chasing the action.

I have to admit, the bloom is off the rose on this one. Whereas I was so enamored of the first story and its originality and well-paced revelations, this time around, I found the story somewhat plodding and rather dull. It starts out well enough, but then slowly dwindles down into one primary focus that we then have to hear about for the bulk of the book. It lacked all the intrigue and discovery and excitement of the first book. Sure, it had its moments, but it was nothing like that first novel.

This time around, I was content to set the book aside and let it be (not too long, though, since I couldn’t renew this as a new release). I’m kind of disappointed that I bothered to read the sequel. I didn’t find it terrible, but I also didn’t find it worth my time. However, now I feel invested. I mean, it’s only a trilogy. I’ve read two-thirds of it already! Needless to say, I’m a little bit irritated by this. Do I leave it be and never know how the Reviver Trilogy ends? Or do I join up for the duration and plow through what might be a fantastic finale…or also might be a plodding, dull dud of a finish?

Okay, that was harsh. I’m just disappointed that the second wasn’t as strong as the first. But, history has shown that oftentimes the middle link is the weakest when it comes to trilogies. I’ve gotten through the middle link. Now I just have to wait for the home stretch to appear.

Final Verdict: If this were merely a one-two punch, then I would say no way to this and just add Reviver to my library. However, knowing that the third book might offer the same level of excitement and intrigue as the first one makes me reticent to just dismiss this one. If I do read the third one and it does end up wowing me, then I would probably want the whole trilogy. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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