Flashback Friday: Sir Mix-A-Lot

Oh, denizens. You ever get a flash of music from your past that you just can’t shake from your brain, no matter what?

That happened to me earlier today with a Sir Mix-A-Lot song. No, not that Sir Mix-A-Lot song. See, I knew his music before he informed the world of his…undeniable fondness for generously portioned backsides. First Mix song I ever heard? The one that popped into my head this morning as I watched an old-school Cadillac roll past me on my way to work:


Dang, Mix, even here, you’re checkin’ out posteriors. “My Hooptie” was one of my favorite songs back in the day. What other song would you love when your first car is a 1980 Chevette? To be fair, though, my little Chevette was in way better condition than the Buick he and his posse roll in throughout this video. Speakin’ of his posse…


Of course, when you couldn’t find Mix and his posse on Broadway…well, good luck finding him as he made his way across the country. Better jump on it…


Getting tired? It’s true, you’ve gotta be an Iron Man to keep up with Mix most of the time:


Yeah, that was “Iron Man.” If you’re curious, the metal group is San Francisco band Metal Church. They relocated to Washington State, which is probably how they ended up running with Sir Mix-A-Lot. He’s always called Washington State his home. It’s one of the things that I always found so interesting about him. While so many other rappers were drawing lines in the sand around their respective coastal allegiances and defending those lines with threatening lyrics, Mix always maintained a mellow groove up in Washington. He rolled to his own beat and always seemed secure enough not to need all the posturing and posing that so many others resorted to to make names for themselves. Mix-A-Lot never seemed to need all that. He just needed a great hook and clever lyrics.

And…yes, denizens…he needed butts. Big butts.


Yes, one could make an argument that this video is about as subtle as a sledge hammer when it comes to innuendo. Whether it’s the lyrics or the visuals, you’re really not going to miss the point. Mix-A-Lot loves booty. But you know what? From the flip side of the coin, Mix-A-Lot is actually reaffirming a healthy body image for women who won’t ever meet the stilted criteria of PhotoShopped fashion mag models.

Ross understands. Don’t you, Ross?


Could they be worse parents? And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bunch of Friends clips to watch now…and, yes, I sense a future Flashback Friday idea, too, my denizens…