Everyone Needs an Editor: Cemetary

There are certain editorial errors that are like kryptonite to a word nerd. Every word nerd has something that affects them in a particularly nerve-scraping way, but, rest assured, denizens, we all have those niggling little pet peeves that simply drive us crazy.

Me? I have a few, but one of my definitive “wailing and gnashing of teeth” moments is this:

It’s probably because I am quite a morbid wolf, but I loathe seeing the word “cemetery” misspelled. There’s an episode of Scooby Doo that has it spelled this way, and I can promise you, it has always driven me a wee bit batty.

In other news, yes, I have returned. I’m appalled that April passed so quickly and left me with the lowest entry count I’ve ever had here at the lair (minus the first month of my revampitude). I can’t promise that I’ll be making daily entries…but I promise to strive to beat last month’s record. And look! I’m already halfway there! 😉