Flashback Friday: The Pink Panther

I know. Technically, this is not a cartoon theme song. However, here’s the great crime in my life, denizens. The only Pink Panther I have ever seen is the cartoon version. I’ve never seen any of the David Niven Peter Sellers movies (see? I didn’t even know the actor who was in these movies; I told you I’ve never seen the damned things!), and prophets know I’ve never seen the Steve Martin remakes.

Nope. All I’ve ever seen were those silly, silent, and very pink cartoons. I’d watch The Pink Panther Show every morning while getting ready for school. I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about any of the cartoons (other than the fact that they had a ridiculously distracting laugh track), but dammit if I didn’t love this theme. Simple, cool, and jazzy, it’s one of those themes that the minute I hear it, I smile. Henry Mancini gave us so many wonderful, memorable tunes throughout his career (and he gets bonus points from me for having scored so many Audrey Hepburn movies, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Charade, and one of my all-time favorite Hepburn movies, Wait Until Dark).

Waitatick. How’d I get from a cartoon panther to Holly Golightly? Oh, yeah. Anyway, so I love this theme song. It was the first ringtone I ever downloaded, and the proof of my love for the theme is the fact that I actually enjoyed getting phone calls when I had this as a ringtone (people who know me well know that I hate telephones). So, there you go. And here you are:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp6z3s1Gig0&w=480&h=390]