Flashback Friday: Debbie Gibson

Holy Flashbacks, Batman! It’s the return of Flashback Friday!! And the return of Loba (who has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do for disappearing from the lair with nary a peep to my peeps as to where in the world Loba San Diego was heading this time…no worries, denizens, a pictorial explanation is imminent).

I’ve mentioned this before in passing, but it’s time to officially come out of the closet: I am a HUGE Debbie Gibson fan. Yes, am. Not was. There are many musical obsessions from my youth that I have gladly released to the ether of adolescent missteps (please don’t mention NKOTB to me; I will plead the fifth). But Debbie Gibson still makes me happy. Happy enough, in fact, that I’m listening to her right now as I write this post.

Hers was a syrupy-sweet, infectious sound that slipped between your bones and candy-coated your heart hot pink. But it was her sound; even at 16, she was writing her own music. In fact, according to that scion of inscrutability Wikipedia, she “remains the youngest female to write, record, and perform a #1 single to date” for her song, “Foolish Beat.”

Her outfits were never salacious, but always cute and oh-so-80s: high-waist stone-washed jeans with ripped knees, primary color blazers with shoulder pads built for tackling, Sun-In-streaked hair with scrunchies and bandanna headbands, friendship bracelets and Swatch watches (the more the merrier!), vests, ruffled skirts with belts as wide as possible, and those trademarked-for-total-cuteness-overload fedoras. She doodled faces on her knees and hugged teddy bears in her videos. She never spun around a stripper pole or was arrested for cocaine possession. Her biggest rival was Tiffany, but they never fanged each other in tabloids or tried to kill each other. They just tried to outsell each other in concert tickets and albums.

I know she prefers to be known as Deborah now. She also prefers to pose in various stages of undress and make really strange SyFy movies that pair her up with her former musical rival.

Okay, honestly? I was excited when I first heard about Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid. I expected it to be a cheese of gargantuan proportions, possibly even surpassing the schlocky greatness that is Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. The clip that SyFy chose to release of Gibson and Tiffany’s cat fight, however, was ludicrous and offensive. Obvious tweakage and unnecessary overuse of the word “bitch” were both huge deterrents that ensured I would never find out who the ultimate winner of this ongoing playful feud was. Also, the last line of this clip was too ham-fisted, even for me.

Regardless of what she prefers to go by or what she prefers to wear (or not wear) now, Debbie Gibson is forever burned into the memory bank of my Electric Youth. And looking at my music collection, she’s also probably the girliest musician on my iPod (minus the soundtrack to The Little Mermaid…ahem).