Beach Bumbling

I knew when I sat down on the couch Thursday night, drink in hand and a netbook logged into’s CSI section, that I wasn’t going to write a Flashback Friday. I simply didn’t have it in me. I have ideas for future posts, but I just couldn’t muster the focus to write one up for last week. Plus, I was already logging out of reality in preparation for the impending beach trip scheduled to start the following morning.

I do apologize, though, denizens, for not explaining this beforehand. That was a bit rude of me, no?

So, yes, it was a long beachy weekend of eating deliciously bad-for-you foods, drinking bad-for-you drinks, and parking our butts under an umbrella and reading for hours while the soundtrack of waves against shoreline played steadily in the background.

It was wonderful.

I’m not by nature a beach person. Anyone who has seen La Loba knows that I am known as the White Wolf for many reasons, least of which is my Casper-like pallor. Even when slathered in SPF-OHMYGODYOUAREWHITE, I can still burn. Which is what happened this weekend. Strange patches of red on my ankles. A random streak on my shoulder. My earlobes (I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had sunburn on my ears before). And a frustratingly itchy red ring around my neck.

Yes, denizens. For the moment, I am truly a “redneck.” Please don’t hold it against me.

And now I’m back with my funky burn, reinvigorated freckles, and three new books for the Book Bin. Yes, I was gone for four days and I finished three books. Book reading nerdery, FTW. So stay tuned, denizens. Stay. Tuned.