Friends, Vulcans, Countrymen…

Star Trek Über-Geek Cred in 3…2…1

You have no idea, denizens, how nerd-melty this makes me. I kid you not when I say that I have wanted a pair of Dr. Selar’s ears since I first saw the good doctor on the TNG second season episode, “The Schizoid Man.” Seriously. Not just Vulcan ears. Not even Mr. Spock’s ears (and I love Mr. Spock!). They had to be Dr. Selar’s ears. Like I’ve said before, I’m persnickety.

I always thought this was just going to be another one of my sad little geek dreams, kind of like owning one of Dr. Crusher’s lab coats or somehow obtaining one of the scarves that hang from Steven Tyler’s microphone stand (okay, that’s a completely different type of geekery…but it’s still one of my obsessions).

Then Mirror Universe things occurred in my life and I found myself standing on the precipice of Ultimate Geek Attainment. And I took it. Grabbed it with both hands and ran. Didn’t look back once.

So, yes, these are actually a pair of the ears that the beautiful and talented Suzie Plakson wore as Dr. Selar. I think they might even be the only pair left. They’re at least the only pair from Ms. Plakson’s personal collection. As is the photo of her as Dr. Selar, reading an issue of Omni magazine. Cute, no? The letter on the left is a lovely vignette that Ms. Plakson wrote about the ears. No, you can’t read it. Loba must keep some things to herself, you know. Oh, and this awesome custom framing? I can has amazingly talented aunt who does things like this for her geeky niece? Yes, please.

And there you go. Ultimate Geek Attainment. F.T.W.