Wesley Crusher and the Magic Banana Clip!

Holy rainbow-striped sweaters, Batman! Is Loba at all capable of refraining from her dorky sci-fi blather? Or are visitors to the den destined to have to wade through the Trek flotsam that burbles up through her clickety-clackety typing more times than the acid reflux from Neelix’s attempt at “Beefy Bean Burrito Wednesday”?

For the love of all things interstellar, I just can’t stop myself. My Angry BloggerTM days are well behind me. I realize now that I spent way too much time reading and writing about things that angered me rather than things that amused or delighted me. As I’m sure many of you can tell (especially those of you who have followed me here to my new den [yes, my tracking software has pinpointed you numerous times now]), I’m making up for lost time and I’m all about living in the garden of geeky delights. Yes, it’s now time for my Geeky BloggerTM days, biatches…so glue on your nose ridges, strap on your phasers, and let’s get to it!

What’s got me all in a frothy nerd lather today? Wil Wheaton, of course. Our Man Crusher is at it again, in the literary sense. I know I’ve raved before about his book Just a Geek. This time I’m here to rave about his latest endeavor, Memories of the Future: Volume One. The book, priced at $19.87 (oh, come on now, tell Loba that you get why this book is set at precisely this price!), is all about Wil’s take on the first season of TNG. The upcoming second volume (salaciously subtitled “Volume Two”), will be all about…the second season. the second half of the first season.

Post-Purchase Edit

Yeah, so the first volume is only about Encounter at Farpoint through Datalore. Really? Almost 20 smackers for only half the first season? These all better be damned funny, Mr. Wheaton. DAMN FUNNY.

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Gather ’round, geeklings, while Loba lays some sad truth upon your possibly non-Trekkie ears: The first two seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation were generally quite craptastic. Seriously, they were abysmal. We TNG Trekkies know this. And, as Wil Wheaton proves through some damned fine (and HI-larious) storytelling, everyone else knew it, too. Well, he did. And that’s all that matters right now!

Yes, this book drops some spectacular stories, summaries, and silliness about all the craptacular episodes from TNG’s first season, as only our nerd hero can do. Wil takes the piss out of everyone and everything, including himself and his boy wonder alter-ego, Wesley Crusher.

I can’t say enough times how awesome I think Wil Wheaton is…he definitely growed up good, y’all. Don’t believe me? Amble on over to his blog and listen to the podcasts he’s done of excerpts from the first MotF. This link will take you to a blog post about the release of the book through Lulu as well as links to the first six podcasts he’s recorded. I dare you to listen to them and then report back that you didn’t almost wet yourself at least once. And if you do, I’ll call you a flat-out liar…or a soulless demon who must be banished from my den.

If you do like what you hear, I strongly encourage you to pony up and buy a copy of the book. I’m willing to bet there’s a goldmine of information there, even better than what Wil includes in his readings. I’m dropping the fundage for my own copy. And maybe one day, I’ll be lucky enough to get it signed by the Boy Wonder himself. And maybe he’ll even get me in to see his mom…I mean, Gates McFadden. Who played his mom. On the show. Which in no way resembles reality.


And if all this wasn’t enticement enough, here’s an image from Wil’s Flickr account that cracks me up each and every time I read it. Someone who really loves…and really gets Wesley Crusher put a lot of time and effort into this one. Never mind that the fonts make my eyes want to jump out of their sockets, never were truer words written about that GQ mofo, Wesley Crusher.