Resigning? You Betcha!

May be running in 2012? Has someone called Tina Fey yet?
May be running in 2012? Has someone called Tina Fey yet?

Alaska Governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is resigning at the end of this month. She said she is doing so because she doesn’t want to be a lame duck. Well…she’s already done lame so well, I guess she just doesn’t feel she’d do justice to the duck part.

Why is she not yet a non-issue? She can’t possibly be serious about running in 2012, is she? You know what, I’m not even going to bother with coming up with any more jokes than the lame one I’ve already dropped. That last question is a big enough joke by itself.


Okay, so I posted the first part of this entry rather quickly last night before going out for the evening. But then I started to think about it. Why did she make this announcement on a Friday afternoon right before a holiday weekend? That’s what you do with news that you want to sweep under the rug, not celebrate. And it’s one thing to announce that you won’t be running for re-election. She’s forfeiting the game with time still left on the clock.

Seriously, all that insane babbling about having fun as a lame duck…that’s not even relevant at this point because she was still in the midst of her first term. It really makes no sense. Of course, nominating her as the VP pick for the GOP didn’t make much sense either. Maybe that’s just her modus operandi: Confuse them into voting for you.

So, is she just “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” crazy? Or is she leaving for reasons as yet undisclosed? Are there skeletons trying to break out of her igloo? Late night trysts with all those Russians she can see from her house? Or does she really think she has a shot at the 2012 GOP presidential nomination?

I’d say stay tuned, but frankly, I just want her to go away. Not only does she make women look ridiculously stupid, but she’s making the GOP look inept and flaky. Even though I’m not much on Republican love, I also don’t believe in kicking a dog when it’s down.