Flashback Friday: What’s Up

Nothing profound this evening. I had my iPod on shuffle on one of my 90s-era playlists, and one of the songs that came up was this gem from my musically misspent youth. I’ve no idea what most people thought of 4 Non Blondes, but I loved them. And I loved this song. The lyrics sounded so deep to my 16-year-old self. And Linda Perry, with her incredibly large voice and even more incredibly large mouth, seemed so cool and down-to-earth and real. Who knew that she would go on to write hit songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, Kelly Osbourne, and P!nk. Hell, she pretty much put both Aguilera and P!nk on the map, with songs that either displayed gorgeous, thoughtful lyrics or insanely nuanced bounce and pep. She’s come a long way from “What’s Up.”

Still, I love this song. See? Nothing profound. I just felt like sharing a little something musical that made me happy once upon a time.