Doctober 31: All Good Things…

What more appropriate title for this final Doctober entry than the title of the very last episode of TNG?

I can’t believe that Doctober is now over. I can’t believe that I have awesome, silly ImagiFriendsTM who suggested that this could continue into “Bevember” and even “Crushuary.” (I can, however, believe that I gave both those suggestions serious thought.)

There’s definitely a sadness, at least on my part, that this is the end of this month-long silliness. But this has been an extraordinary amount of fun. I hope that everyone who found their way here enjoyed the daily offerings…or, at the very least, didn’t find the entire idea too off-putting. I’d say I hope you didn’t find it too geeky, but even I know that this was a huge geek-o-rama. I’m okay with that. My quote here at the lair is a Dr. Crusher quote after all (five bars of gold-pressed latinum if you can name the episode from which it came). Geekery is all part of the business here at Chez Loba.

Rather than something over the top for this final posting, I decided I’m going to keep it simple…besides, how do you top the Zombie Crushers from yesterday’s post? It’s a bit impossible, if you ask me. Zombie Crushers win each and every time.

So, instead, I give you this lovely photograph of Gates McFadden, in “civilian” clothes. And I offer my warmest and most earnest gratitude to all who stopped by to see what new craziness this silly little wolf was offering up each day. Not only did Doctober keep my spirits high and my creativity levels soaring, but it helped to push my tracking statistics higher than they’ve ever been. Definitely an unexpected but incredibly appreciated bonus 🙂

Again, thank you. And we now return the lair to its regularly scheduled geekery…

Doctober 30: Night of the Living Crushers

“They’re coming to get you, Beverly…”

That would have been an interesting take on the whole Night of the Living Dead story, eh? Or what if both Crushers turned into brain-slurping zombies? We’ve already witnessed Dr. Crusher consuming Commander Riker’s brain through a straw, so obviously she’s got a bit of those dirty, dirty zombie cravings going on inside. And Wesley is her son…it’s just a matter of time before genetics caught up with him…

Of course, there already is an unofficial “Trek” take on this movie, thanks to Tom Savini’s 1990 remake of Romero’s original zombie tale. The remake stars Tony Todd, most famous to Trek fans as Worf’s brother Kurn (as well as famous to horror movie fans as the Candyman himself), and Patricia Tallman who…wait for it, denizens…was Gates McFadden’s stunt double. Remember the scene in Generations when Data pushes Dr. Crusher off the side of the sailing ship on the holodeck? That was Patricia Tallman going over the side. She was also McFadden’s double during the series run. She also doubled Nana Visitor, Michelle Forbes, Gwynyth Walsh, Louise Fletcher…let’s just say she doubled a lot of the Trek actresses. She also appeared as various characters throughout the run of TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

I very rarely say nice things about remakes, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for Savini’s NOTLD remake, mostly for the Trek influence but also because it’s a gooey, fun take on Romero’s original. Is it better in color than in black and white? That’s up for debate, I suppose. Is it better with Candyman and the Trek Stunt Actress Supreme? Uh. Yeah.

Oh, and because I know you want to see this, here’s what the official Night of the Living Crushers T-shirt design would look like. You know, this is the second Doctober posting that I wouldn’t mind seeing on a T-shirt…

Doctober 29: …Just Drawn That Way

As it is with most geeky entertainment genres, Star Trek has its fingers in many different consumer-friendly pies, including the extremely lucrative comic book world. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we delve into that particular collector paradise. I’m barely an amateur when it comes to comics; I have certain favorites that I visit now and again, usually in graphic novel format, but I’m by no means a capital-c “Collector.” And when it comes to Trek comics, I’m even worse. I think I own three TNG comics and one DS9 comic. The DS9 and one of the TNG comics were gifts, and the other two TNG ones I bought at conventions because…ready? Dr. Crusher was on the covers. As Comic Book Guy would no doubt say, “Worst. Collector. Ever.”

Then there’s this “comic,” which I think only barely makes the comic categorization by being comic-book size and being drawn. However, as you can see from the following pictures, the interior pages are almost coloring book-esque in their black line art and utter lack of any other color. Regardless of what this actually is, I can honestly say that this is one of the more delightful non-action figure collectible anomalies I own.

I assume that this company, Personality Comics, released an issue for all of “The New Crew,” but this is the only one I’ve ever seen. This one, in fact, didn’t come out until after Gates McFadden had returned to the show for the third season. But rather than blather on any further, I’m going to cut this short and let the photos speak for themselves. And believe me, they have some rather…unique things to say…