BookBin2016: The Sandman Series

So here it’s been all this time since I last visited the lair, and how do I fix that? With what will undoubtedly be a disappointingly brief review of a series of graphic novels that deserve way more written about them. However, my desire to dive into the depths of this particular ocean are severely […]

BookBin2012: Marvel 1602

As anyone who has followed my literary exploits here at the lair already knows, I’m a bit of a Neil Gaiman fan. Even when I don’t particularly like one of his offerings enough to add it to or keep it in my collection, I still am able to find aspects of the story to enjoy […]

BookBin2011: Eternals

So when you’re lucky enough to find not just one but two graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman at the local library, you take that as a sign. A sign that you’re meant to read both, even though one of them is for a comic book with which you are admittedly completely unfamiliar. Best way […]

BookBin2010: Neverwhere

A little late on posting this one. I actually finished this book almost a week ago, and I started writing this review around the same time. I don’t know why I’ve had such a block when it comes to finishing it though. So, Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman’s 1996 story of the events that take place in […]

Poster Picks: Coraline

This wasn’t the next poster that I was planning on analyzing, but I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by it when I first saw it. I don’t think this was ever an actual movie poster. I think it’s the design created only for the movie tie-in release of Neil Gaiman’s book. It’s the cover on […]

50BC09: Book Number 51

I kind of forgot to post this one. I think it’s because I spent the better part of the year slowly making my way through it. When I finally finished it, I just placed it back on my shelf, not really registering the fact that, yes, this does count…even if it did take me almost […]

50BC09: Book Number 49

And of course the first thing that I write after my big decision…a book review 😉 This was a diversion read, as I am still making my way through a different book. Not that unusual for me, actually. I used to read two or three books at a time. After a while, though, you start […]