Flashback Friday: “I Want Your Hands on Me”

So I was driving home yesterday in some of the worst rush-hour traffic I’ve encountered in quite a while, and I needed something to brighten my spirits a little. Something like the 80s playlist on my iPod, full of all the synth-heavy cheese one needs to combat those Beltway blues. And that’s how I rediscovered this little gem:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W7u7g7oV68&w=640&h=510]

What I love the most about this version of the song (and I do have both the Sinead-only version as well as this Sinead/MC Lyte version, a bizarre collaboration that wasn’t matched until Missy Elliott and Nelly Furtado joined forces for the Tomb Raider soundtrack remix of “Get Ur Freak On”) is the movie to which this will always be linked in my mind: 1988’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

Yeah, I can hear those gears turning in your brains right now. Let me help you out: This song was at the beginning of what I consider to be one of the strangest and most visually memorable of Freddy Krueger’s kills, not only for this movie but of all time. I like to call it “Cockroach Crunches.”

Oh, but I miss the days of prosthetic make-up and practical effects.

The best thing about watching the music video on YouTube is that you can see that several others found their way to the song because of Freddy K. My favorite of the comments that I read was “Thumbs up if a cockroach death scene brought you here.”

The death of poor bug-fearing Debbie Stevens was so memorable, in fact, that back in 2009 Mezco released an action figure of her transformation, as part of their Cinema of Fear series:

I actually saw this figure at the Silver Snail in Toronto the last time I was there. However, I opted to purchase other figures and I left roachy Debbie hanging on her hook.

Another trip to Toronto might be in my near future. And, oh yes, denizens, Debbie will indeed be mine (if she’s still hanging around the Silver Snail, that is; most places try to keep their stores roach-free).

Hmm. And here you all probably thought you were going to get a Flashback Friday on that Sinead O’Connor song… 😉