Doctober 2: Losing Her Head

This is a bit of a tribute post to a long-gone Web site that provided me several laughs: BevHeads. It was a site run by a guy whose name has long since slipped from the reaches of instant recall. His shtick? He made custom Beverly Crusher action figures and then posted photos of them online.

Before you ask, no, I did not ever try to acquire one of these action figures. At the time I found this site, I was a poor college student who was more interested in procuring text books and stockpiles of Mountain Dew for all-night writing marathons than in playing “Pimp My Bev.” However, I visited his site frequently and found great joy in his unchecked geek love for the good doctor. I wish I could remember more of the custom jobs that he did. However, all that springs to mind right now are his custom figures of Captain Beverly Picard (this was well before Playmates or Diamond Select released actual figures), Beverly in the Princess Leia slave costume, Beverly as Boba Fett, and possibly Beverly as one or two super heroines, but I can’t remember which ones.

I also wish I’d saved more photos from this site. However, I suppose I was under the erroneous belief that everything is forever on teh Interwebz. At least everything that amuses me. So this is the only photo that I saved from BevHeads. Ironically, it is headless. Kind of creepy, no? This was the Playmates “Dr. Crusher in her lab coat” action figure from which Mr. Custom Figure Maker had borrowed a head for another body. Of course, I had to mess around with the shot in PhotoShop before posting it.

Let this also be an introduction, I suppose, to the fact that other Beverly Crusher action figures will be showing up here at some point during Doctober. More precisely, action figures from my own collection. Some are out and about, scattered around my geek cave in various poses. Some are still MIB, because I am that geeky. Just know, denizens, you have been warned…