Doctober 1: The Maltese Horga’hn

First, we shall start with an announcement: Flashback Friday will be taking a brief hiatus throughout the month of October. I’ve decided that there’s only room for so many special features here at the lair…and today, dear denizens, marks the beginning of the latest and, dare I say it, the GREATEST special feature to ever debut at

See, I’ve been surreally busy this past month, so I haven’t had much time to spend here. Plus, I’ve been feeling a bit of a malaise threatening to overtake me, so I decided that I needed to do something that would guarantee both that I come here more frequently and smile like a geeky fool at least once a day.

So, in the grand tradition of other corny October-based themes such as Rocktober, Shocktober, and Spocktober (okay, I made that last one up…but wouldn’t that be cool?), I give you…Doctober! Yes, 31 days dedicated to the awesomeness that is Doctor Beverly Crusher.

Is she kidding?

No. No, denizens, she is not kidding. I have decided that every day, even weekends, I will stop in and post something related to the good doctor. It might be something new, it might be a rerun of something I’ve previously posted. It might be some trivia or something I’ve written…or it could just be a photo that makes me happy whenever I see it. Regardless, it will usually be short and sweet and won’t in any way detract from me posting other entries here as well. I promise.

As for this inaugural post, behold the poster for The Maltese Horga’hn (for those who don’t know what a Horga’hn is, edumacate yourself here). This was a piece from the marketing materials designed to promote “The Big Goodbye,” the very first Dixon Hill appearance on TNG, and “stars” the Dixon Hill holodeck characters portrayed by Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard. Only hardcore fans of the show even know about this piece. Only a handful were printed, and most of them ended up being stolen from the props department before they could even be disseminated. So this poster is quite the rare find.Unfortunately, it wasn’t shown much love from it previous owners. It looks quite bedraggled, actually…and I do believe that someone may have once used it as a coaster. Some people have no respect.

Okay, okay…haha. Yeah, Loba’s lying to you right now. This is just my overactive imagination at play again, combined with me showing off in PhotoShop. This idea has actually been living in my brain for some time now. I’ve always loved the way Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard looked in their period clothing from this episode and always wanted to use photos of them in some kind of design. So I based this one on this poster for The Maltese Falcon. Then I aged it a little bit, just because I could. Same with the coffee stain. I couldn’t help it.

Anyway, I hope this has amused you, and I hope that you will continue to be amused (or at least continue to humor me) throughout the rest of the great month of Doctober.